Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all my followers..... and people who have randomly clicked about and found their way here!

Just a short blog tonight as this is the first day back on-line after nearly two weeks without the internet since moving house; I cannot believe just how much we rely on this for day-to-day living.

We have moved to the village of Wigsley near Newark in Nottinghamshire. Why move here from Hampshire? Less travelling for me during the week, less travelling for us at weekends, we like the area and we love our new house.

I'll post some pictures on a future blog, tonight it's internet housekeeping!

BTW - thanks for all your congratulation e-mails following mine & Devo's Olympia performance we had a lot of fun that day.

BBTW - don't forget those 2014 goals and aspirations. Even if you take 1 minute to write our three goals for 2014 it'll be worth it.

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