Sunday, 8 December 2013

Agility Texas Style

We were met at George Bush airport in Houston by a black limo with blacked out window and a chauffeur; I thought there must have been another Mark Laker arriving there.

We were then taken to the training venue to meet the handlers and have something to eat. This also gave us our first look at the facilities. I have to say I as taken back by the set up. It is an agility enthusiasts dream.

It's indoors with good flooring for the dogs to run on, brand new equipment, TV screens to playback runs, play music / video on, electronic timing equipment, in fact everything you could ever need to train with.

We've got some top handlers to train who have come from across the US for the weekend. So we're giving them some challenges to work on which we're all enoying.

Back home our dogs are all having lots of fun; its great to hear how they're all doing. It sounds like they're all enjoying their break too.

It's interesting to hear about the agility organisations and system here. A subject of another blog.

Picture from the indoor training venue

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