Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Moving on

After over a year of having our house on the market we moved out of The Retreat last Thursday and haven't looked back. It's quite amazing that we lived there for 14 years and yet now it seems like a blip in time.

Mind you, our feet have hardly touched the ground since moving out. We're staying with Karen's sister and family which is really nice. They have a busy house and with us and our six dogs it's fun.

I've been away on business this week, back tomorrow ready for our trip to Houston on Friday. I'm really looking forward to it even if it is going to be a short trip.

When we get back we move into our new house - fingers crossed.

I've had most of the responses back from the Team GB 2014 Squad now. The next job is to finalise the press release to go out and finish planning for the Support team day in December.

Some memories from Grateley.

The Retreat, from the front.

Our lovely kitchen

The sort out begins

Main room cleaned out on the day of moving. We really enjoyed planning this room

Rhyme doing his favourite trick...that he learnt off of Devo!

Devos favorite place to lay...shared with Kodi

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