Thursday, 12 December 2013

Houston we don't have a problem

Well we're back from Houston and we've managed to dodge the jet far and still full of excitement. We had a fantastic trip enjoying the seminar, our hosts and the whole Texas experience.

Our hosts looked after us very well. This was the shuttle bus that took us and the dogs & handlers to and from the hotel each day. It was rather comfortable for a shuttle!

Agility people are great throughout the world. It's always good making new friends who share this wonderful sport. We're planing to return next year for part 2.

And then there was all the huge pick up trucks out there. Most of them had picked up nothing!. I did spot this one outside the hotel one morning, he had picked up a large quad bike.

Unfortunately our house move didn't go ahead yesterday. There's a wee glitch which hopefully will be resolved this week so we can move next.

This Sunday the Team GB Support Team will be meeting to plan our 2014 activities. We have a strong support team and lots planned. This Sunday we'll be going into detail and getting ready for the first squad day in January.

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