Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Getting down to business

There is always a lot for me to do after the Kennel Club Team GB working party meetings. Essentially we agree the way forward who's doing what and when it needs to be done by. It's always a productive meeting covering a lot of items through good health debate.

We've a lot planned for 2014 with some exciting projects Nottingham Trent University are helping us with, more team preparation days and of course the build up to the European Open in Hungary and the World Championships in Luxembourg.

Talking of which, I've heard there are 3,000 tickets for the world champs coming on sale before the end of the year. The word on the street is because of its central location in Europe, these tickets are likely to go very quickly. So if you're interested in going it'll be best to get in quick.

I'll keep you posted through here and other social media as I find out.

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