Monday, 7 October 2013

This weeks ramblings

I didn't get to the last Champ show of the season, I had planned to. No instead I decided it was more important to focus on house hunting, catching up on a few projects and rest my repairing ankle. 

I achieved all of that, I'm not sure I would have achieved what I wanted to if I'd gone to the show. 

It's interesting to see the results for the Team GB 2014 Squad selection process. You can see them too, they're on the KC web site  (near the bottom of the page). As the final few results come in I now need to start considering who will make the squad of around 40 handlers.

It's the FCI World Championships this weekend. This year it takes place in South Africa. There are only eight countries involved however the event still grabs a lot of attention. You can watch it on their site by live stream (I'm not sure if you have to pay or not). 

Have a good week.

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