Thursday, 3 October 2013

A Quickie Blog

Thank you to everyone who responded to my webinar experiment especially for those who gave advice and to Becky who helped on the night. It was relatively successful in as much that it worked and I learnt how to improve it for next time. Watch this space for the next one.

A short Blog today:

  • I had a interesting day at Nottingham Trent Uni were I gave a talk on Team GB and listened to other interesting speakers. They have some fascinating animal research going on there.
  • I'm still trying to shake a cold off; 
  • Oddjob (the new Pug) is settling in very well; Karen has started a blog tracking his progress
  • I had a joint-cracking visit to the Physio who has done a good job on my ankle so after a bit of rest I'll be starting strengthening exercises, Wag & Tone for guys! 
  • Devo, Torro & I are working on building up their slow twitch muscles which should help build strength and core stability over the winter - no agility training at the moment.
  • I started coaching three new students, I have high hopes for all of them.
I'm off to Edinburgh tonight for a meeting tomorrow and plan to be a Chippenham on Sunday, although not running a dog.

See you soon.

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