Friday, 6 September 2013

The Positive Touch

Continuing with the theme of re-posting content I get sent, I thought I'd share this I was recently sent....
"Hi, hope you don't mind me messaging you. Earlier this year I did a sports psychology course run by you. Well having made notes and learnt loads and put things into practice. I am really happy to report I have had one of the best agility seasons ever! 
The goals I made on that course - achieved!! My collie won Novice cup, both my dogs got to G7, with the collie getting to 2 out of 2 champ finals, both qualified for Olympia - both will be competing at Olympia!!! And most of all, I'm just loving agility. So a big thank you for your great course, has competing changed me "
I didn't post this to drum up business, I limit the number of seminars I run each year, no I thought it was a great example of someone who has really worked hard mentally and physically this year, set goals, focused on the runs that really matter and most importantly is loving agility.

So nice to hear positive things about our sport.

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