Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The name is James, James Bond ....... well actually it's Odd-Job

It's been another interesting week in the The Laker household with plenty going on including:

  • A request for some coaching support from a couple of agility competitors in USA.
  • Me picking up a cold.
  • Devo being on rest for a week - muscle sprain.
  • I finally made an appointment to get my ankle looked at- I keep spraining it.
  • I picked up a hefty project at work.
  • A mate telling me I needed to change my Linkedin profile as I looked like a grey man! He was right too...
  • And we got a Pug - yes you read that correctly, we've actually acquired a Pug dog.
I had better explain. Quite a few years ago we were delivering some agility training and a seminar in Portugal. There was a brilliant little pug training with us, she was so lovely and we said we'll get one, one day. Since then we've met quite a few more from agility and non-agility friends and liked all of them.

Some people say it was probably the drugs I'd been taking for the cold that played tricks with my mind and messed with my decision making process.

However, he (the new pug) is fantastic. He's fitted in straight away at home. He's 10 months old, we bought him from a breeder who had him as a stud dog. However he turned out a bit too big for what they were looking for so wanted a new home for him. He's used to being in crates, cars, kennels, house trained (well nearly!), he's very respectful of our collies and has just fitted in!

The breeder used the James Bond film Skyfall as a theme for the litter names. His name was Sky. We decided he needed something a bit more fitting to his character. First we thought James, then we came up with Odd-Job which is much more suitable.
The resemblance is uncanny

He may make his first public appearance at Nottingham Trent Uni on Friday where I'm delivering a talk to the Freshers!, that'll be fun too.

Finally, thank you to everyone who has expressed an interest in joining my webinar on Monday. A couple of places have come available. If you want to join drop me an email for details. (


Pup said...

Shame I'm working or I'd have joined the webinar :) Looking forward to meeting James - oops OJ :)

Mark Laker said...

Not to worry, I'm sure there be another one you can join. Thanks.