Saturday, 17 August 2013

What Happened to Didi Rascal

For the second year running Devo and I made the British Open semi-final. After the qualifying heats we finished up 4th overall. I was very pleased with this result. I had succumb to the idea that this year's KC Festival was going to be the 'KC Sociable' for me. After the EO's I had a few 'engagements' planned for the weekend which I thought were going to detract me for running my dogs. BTW I've nicked Torro from Karen!

Devo was awesome, I simply couldn't have gone into the ring with a lack-a-daisical attitude with him. He worked so hard especially considering we've done very little proper training for the last 6 weeks.

It was all set for a thrilling final. The course was cleverly designed, fast, interesting with some handling options and fun to watch. I had plenty of prep time before my run, we were up for a top 7 place aiming to finish in under 34 seconds to secure our place at Crufts 2014.

We had one of the best runs we've ever done, all was going well until the last obstacle, the same obstacle that stopped us qualifying for Olympia in 2012. Devo just suddenly bulked at it.

I've taken frame-by-frame shots from the video for analysis and the only thing I can think of is he saw the ring side picket fencing as a barrier which effected his judgment of depth between the last hurdle and his landing space. Natasha's face says it all! I was pleased Devo was not hurt and then gutted he'd had the crash.

Another learning point for me. I'll certainly be looking harder at what Devo can see behind the last obstacle in future.

And Olympia semi-final can just about see Devo's front paws against the left-hand wing!

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