Monday, 12 August 2013

KC Festival - Part 1

Fresh back for the KC International Festival which once again was a great weekend of agility, meeting old friends (not necessarily in age), making new ones and generally having very enjoyably (well mostly, keep reading!) three days of agility. One big noticeable difference for me this year was having such a supportive new sponsor in CSJ. From the welcome packs on the gate as you arrived, through to the visible support all around the festival, they bought a fresh approach. I could feel their presence all weekend.

Karen and I were looking forward to the Festival even more this year, we had just had the very disappointing news that two weeks before we were due to move, our house sale had fallen through. We needed a break.

I'm going to blog my experiences from the Festival over the next couple days, I'd rather write short snippets than great long articles that frankly, get a bit too much to read in one go.

Thursday Evening
I was invited to the International visitors welcome buffet this year. It was the first time this had been run and was well received. It was an opportunity for the international competitors to meet each other, and the organisers, over a drink and buffet. I had an interesting conversation with a Hungarian and a Portuguese in mostly English. In fact it was that interesting that I'd completely missed the fact we'd talked so much everyone had finished and gone, we were asked to 'shut up shop' on our way out!

This competition is drawing increasingly more overseas competitors each year, which is very healthy for our competition in many ways, some of which may not be so obvious. I've looked a bit deeper than just their handling which I'll write about over the next few days.

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