Monday, 1 July 2013

Lady Luck took a day off

We actually had a sit down outside with a drink in the sun on Saturday, I think that's a first for this year, it was a glorious weekend. On Sunday we went to Lansdown where last year cars and caravans were being pulled out of the mud, this year it was much dryer.

I think the extra fitness training I've been doing with Devo (that's him and me getting fitter) is paying off. He didn't have a jump down and we were both running much quicker.

My aim for the day was to come home with some Crufts points, ideally more than eight. The judge put up a really good course, technical, fast and very appropriate for the type of event it qualified for, there was no reason why I shouldn't have achieved my goal. However, luck wasn't with me, Devo came out of the 7th weave pole, very random. The weaving poles are one of our strong points, or I thought they were!

The fact he came out twice, I put him back in again, made we wonder if there was something distracting him that I didn't pick up on. I've watched the video over and over again and cannot see anything.

Never mind, move on, set it up at home, practice again, lots of rewards for getting it right, look for further improvements and don't dwell on it......well at least not after today.

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