Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Back Down to Earth

My regular readers will know about all the work and preparation me and the Agility Team GB put into the lead up to the European Open in Belgium, well it was worth it. The championships were a huge success for us, in fact Team GB had the best results ever at this competition. 

As my regular readers will also know I like to do things a bit differently, so rather than writing a day-by-day diary of the event I thought I'd write about a different subject each day

  • Tomorrow (Thursday) it's all about the Support Team.
  • Friday - The Event - I'll talk about the EO itself
  • Saturday - Team Work Dynamics (it will be exactly a week ago from the team event)
  • Sunday - 'Under Pressure' - what it's like to stand on the start line as one of the last three handlers to run in an international event
  • Monday - Where do we go from here - self-explanatory 

I hope you enjoy these articles and they give an insight to what was the most fantastic experience I've ever had in agility..........well winning Crufts comes a close second......


Pup said...

Well.... its Thursday and I'm waiting! :)

KazzaA said...

ohh... i know you are busy but some of us read it!...