Monday, 15 July 2013

A Set Back

Team GB had their last training opportunity this weekend at Rugby. The plan was to focus on the team relay event which is a sight to be seen!

The rules for this event are bit sketchy. The organisers managed to get all the rules into a couple of paragraphs. I think we'll manage to get a couple of pages of questions for the Team Managers meeting on Thursday evening!

We had a useful training session at Rugby (thank you Rugby organisers) which gave us a feel for what this event was going to be like.

For those of you that haven't seen the EO Team Relay before here's a youtube clip from 2012.

We've had some sad news that Anthony is not able to run Ruby due to an incident out walking. Ant has written a press release / announcement which he's let me post below:

As some of you may be aware, a few weeks back whilst exercising Ruby a stray dog "t-boned" her in the side between her rib cage and pelvis, knocking Ruby flat to the floor with very little response from her for a few minutes. I rushed her to the vet, where they proceeded to do X-rays straight away and discovered a twisted pelvis and bruised ribs. I then started undergoing rehabilitation treatments with a number if professionals, with what seemed at the time good progress. After a couple of weeks I was given the go ahead to start jumping her and begin light training, the progress was good and all seemed to go to plan. While at a team European Open Team GB training session at Tuffley, Ruby didn't seem to be running right, so I pulled her from the training session. I then demanded an MRI to see if there was anything that had been missed. The MRI results showed there has been spinal damage and also what is currently being described as an object in her Uterus, directly below the spinal injury. This is currently being investigated further by specialists. A full diagnosis hasn't been given as of yet, but it's been explained as this could be a potential career ending issue.  This has given me no other choice than to pull out of the European open in 2013
I am obviously disappointed that a freak incident from a stray dog with no owner has caused this to Ruby, but I will be doing everything I possibly can to help her.

It's very sad news for Ant and obviously the team are concerned for Ruby's health. We are hoping Ruby makes a full recovery.

Ant has kindly offered to come out to Belgium with us to help Marc, Natasha and myself as part of the support team. I've very grateful for this offer.

One week to go...

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