Monday, 3 June 2013

Highlights of Hinckley

Hinckley is one of the highlights of the agility calendar for me. It's a very well run show, all five rings are managed by Hinckley club members so it runs smoothly and five rings is a sensible number (IMO).

Devo and I made the Championship final after two clear runs in the qualifying heats. However, so did a lot of other good dogs and I knew I had to pull all the stops out and run on the edge which is what I did, unfortunately we fell off 'the edge' and picked up five faults.

The Olympia class on Sunday was a fantastic course which was very well designed and judged. A refreshing change.

Again we had to go for it, there were already five fast clear rounds in front of me. And we did go for it getting a good time, and alas another five faults!

Agility Team GB held an informal training evening too which was great fun. All the team there helped set up, which was great for team building, and we had some tricky EO sequences to work though. I think everyone enjoyed themselves and took something away to look on. We even had a few supporters watching us.

Charlotte Harding (Agility Team GB member) won the ticket making Scandal an agility champion. In fact many of Team GB were in their respective ticket finals and picking up to top 10 places in the other events too.

Thank you very much to the HInckley committee who let us train there and also to everyone who took part in making it such a memorable weekend.

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