Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Agility Team GB June Update

Training and preparations are well under way now for Agility Team GB going to the European Open (EO) in Belgium at the end of July.

We've had three training sessions in addition to the official Team Day at the end of May at Nottingham Trent University. These sessions have been designed to give the team practice on courses designed by the judges at the EO.

As you would expect the courses are challenging and cleverly designed. One area we've been concentrating on is our decision making processes, looking at shortest lines, quickest routes, best pacing etc... These courses demand these skills to be well practiced. We have two further practice sessions planned before we travel out on Wednesday 24th July.

This week I've heard from the organising committee in Belgium to confirm entries, number of dogs, vet requirements etc.. It's getting exciting now.

The EO web site now lists most of the competitors - some interesting competition this year.


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