Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Factor 50

We've just had a very long and fantastic weekend, mainly spent celebrating two of our friends getting married - see last post.

The wedding celebrations continued over the weekend, I think we did something relating to the wedding every day which was nice.

We went to the Vyne agility show in Newbury yesterday. It was a glorious day and I can proudly report I got my first sun burn of the year! nothing too extreme, just a nice warm glow that I'd forgotten what it felt like. The factor 50 worked a treat.

The agility was good, although I'm out of practice and fitness so that's something for me to work on this week.

I was very proud of the Team GB members who all showed why they were in the team this year. They produced some fantastic runs I think everyone of them got into their Championship finals.

It made me feel quite responsible for them!

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