Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Crash, bang, wallop.

Tunbridge wasn't so successful agility wise for me. Devo and I didn't seem to get our act together, although I don't think we disgraced ourselves.

One thing that does concern me is for the third time in the last couple of years Devo had a crash with a jump. On the video it looks like he attempted to jump, then changed his mind, then changed it back again by which time it was too late to clear the hurdle.
A crash from 2012
The video is so good for analysing performance and seeing exactly what happened. We use it a lot now and even get into the habit of watching them back afterwards!

I also think I'm a little ring rusty. It's good to do a lot of practice, however it's hard to beat actually getting into the ring and going for it. A skill I'm trying to encourage Team GB to develop.

There is a lot happening in the Laker household at the moment, some good, some not so good, challenging times.

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