Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Climbing to the top

Like many agility people we went to one of the many Easter Bank holiday weekend competitions, and like many others we also found it was very cold, freezing in fact. Still we enjoyed the competition and I was very impressed with the standard of courses.

The standard of courses and judging is very important to me particularly now handlers are trying to gain credits to qualify for the 2014 Team GB Squad.

One of the judges said to me
"you caused me to re-think my course design". I replied,
"good" to which he said,
"I decided that if people are gaining credits towards the 2014 Squad, they needed a suitably pitched course"

This is exactly what we need, courses suitable pitched at international standard, which incidentally doesn't mean going around the back of every other jump. Then we'll be well on the way to helping handlers prepare for world class competition.

By way of a change on Easter Monday I went bouldering with one of my sons, Jack. I have done quite a bit of this in the past and although a bit rusty, well not so flexible, really enjoyed it.

Probably won't be swapping my running shoes for a chalk bag yet.

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