Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Plans come together

Agility1st, Crufts and Team GB have kept me busy over the last few months, it's been a very exciting time.

Agility1st is now launched and we're having a great response from handlers up and down the country and some from abroad too. Launching something like this is always exciting when you see if all the work and planning is going to pay off.

Work and planning is also something I've been doing a lot of for Team GB too. This week we published the qualification process for 2014. This is my first real chance to put a process in place that I'd like to go forward with. It is designed to test handlers for consistency, skills, handling pressure and team work, amongst other topics. So far I've had a favourable response from handlers so I'm hoping I've pitched it at the right level.

I make no excuses for 'shaking things up a bit', we need to do this in order to up our game to play at the new high levels shown at recent international events. As I've said in an earlier article, I firmly believe we have the dog training skills, the handling skills and very talented dogs, this process should start bringing them all together as a team.

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