Thursday, 7 February 2013

Birthday Tweet...err Treat

It was my birthday yesterday. Thank you to everyone who sent me cards, presents, telephone calls, text messages, emails, Facebook messages, Tweats... etc....etc.....

To think a few years ago it was the humble birthday card and a telephone call that kept us in touch, yes I can remember those good old days. Actually 'old' days, I'm not sure they were always 'good'. I believe technology has moved us on a long way forward generally for the better.

Karen and I went up to London. We walked about a bit, you generally find dog owners like walking about 'a bit'. We had a meal and saw the show 'We will Rock You' which was fantastic.

Incredibly this show is still packing 'em in after 10 years.

I also had a meeting at the Kennel Club in the morning to update the International Agility Working Party with my plans for Team GB. More about that in a future blog, and of course keep an eye on the KC web site, the Facebook page, Twitter, Crufts web site ...... etc....etc.....

Another birthday habit I've got in the last few years is extending the birthday celebrations out through February, just about into March leading up to Crufts and Karen's birthday, then hey presto winter's over and spring is here!

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