Thursday, 3 January 2013

Part 2...

On this blog I thought I'd focus on 2013 plans. I started pulling together various notes and ideas back in November which will ultimately form my 2013 goals and plans. They are now in a state where they're in one place and beginning to look like a set of meaningful goals.

I've decided to finish them after my coaching seminar on 27th Jan. From past experience a lot comes out of these days which will probably generate new ideas for me. My deadline is to have them ready by early Feb.

It would great to see some of your goals on here. Goals are always more likely to happen if you go public with them, it works like a declaration.

Don't worry I won't hold you to them, more likely to help you achieve them....

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Pup said...

I'm a great list maker - I make lists of lists! But its making the list I like, I find working from lists in life almost impossible to stick to. Odd as I work through them religously as a time management tool when doing office work.

Must do some work on my 2013 goals!