Sunday, 6 January 2013

Happy Sunday

Sundays at home are good fun. I had a friend over this morning who is helping on the Team GB support team with data! Yes that's right data, results, scores, factual information (something agility is sadly lacking). This lady is an absolute whizz on spreadsheets and has already dug out team GB data way back to 2006.

Then we had another friend call in who is a whizz at turning his hand to most things practical. He took our A-frame away for refurbishment.

Then two other friends called in for a coffee, as they were going past the end of the road - a lovely surprise.

Then we went to the KC liaison meeting and that's where the day slowed down! Oh dear there are a lot of mis-informed people with their own agendas out there. Thank fully the contentious topics is only a discussion item. 

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