Tuesday, 22 January 2013


The weather put pay to my travel arrangements this week, so I've got a week in the office and staying local. This is quite handy as I have plenty to do and much rather be at home than stuck in a snow drift somewhere in the frozen North.

I've got my first sports psychology seminar this weekend, it all got booked up very quickly and now I need to finalise my presentations.

I've also been booked for seminars in Lincoln and now Warrington for Feb. So if you're looking for some help to get the new agility season started, or inspiration, motivation or just ideas for how to get the best out of your sport let me know and I'll put you in touch with the organisers.

As I write the snow has started again, I was hoping to visit a local office tomorrow - we'll see.

The picture is of Kodi, his 'lady friend and four of their pups. We were all at the same training venue at the weekend so took the opportunity to get a family picture.

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