Monday, 28 January 2013

A Sunday Seminar

I ran my first sports psychology coaching seminar of 2013 yesterday, it was a very interesting day. I had a really active group of handlers who all got involved with the topics of the day with great enthusiasm and input.

As usual, I got as much out of the day as everyone else, one of the reasons I enjoy running these seminars so much. It amazes me how many great ideas people have to improve their performance or deal with factors effecting their performance.

Once again the top subjects of the day were dealing with nerves, building confidence and tactics to deal with negative people. Common themes which all have a big effect on performance.

When Karen and I reflected on the day we realised it was the 15th seminar I've delivered.

I've had a few people send me their 2013 performance plans or goals, thanks. The offer is still there to my regular followers I'm very happy to cast my eyes over them for you.

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