Saturday, 22 December 2012

Sports Coaching Seminar for Dog Agility Handlers

I thought I'd let my regular followers know that I'll be running one of my sports coaching seminars for agility handlers on 27 Jan in the village of Grateley, Hampshire, UK.

These seminars have proved very popular for helping handlers at all levels improve their agility performance. Whether you're new to competition or a G7 handler there is something for everyone. We start with the background of how other sports and athletes use coaching and sports psychology techniques to prepare for competition. As we move through the day we expand on those principles and apply them to our sport - dog agility.

Here's what others have had to say:

"Thank you, Sunday was the sort of day that you continue to reap the benefits from for months and probably even years to come. I keep re-reading my notes and realise how much more structured I need to be, especially with training plans..."
"Thank you for a great day, the training once again was both informative and inspiring"
"I found the day really thought provoking and learned quite a bit about myself!"

During the day you'll be introduced to the foundation skills and techniques you can take-away and start using immediately. I guarantee you will leave feeling enthused and full of ideas for the 2013 agility season.

Topics to be covered include:
- Sports psychology foundation skills
- Effective goal setting
- Creating sustainable training plans
- Dealing with emotions (confidence, motivation, nerves, pressure, anxiety etc..)
- Developing a mental skills programme
- Preparing for big events.

It'll be a full day from 9-5, lunch and refreshments included. All you need to bring is a note book, pen and a open-mind. 

Places are limited to ensure everyone gets maximum impact out of the day. Cost is £45 per person. 

The seminar will be held in Grateley Village hall, Station Road, Grateley, SP11 8LG, Hampshire. (as you enter Station Road drive past all the houses, the village hall is a fairly new building situated on it's own.)

Contact me via email if you're interested in coming (

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