Thursday, 13 December 2012

A bit of weight loss

I've been in Scotland this week doing the rounds with my team and people I work with. It's been a productive week, and an exceptionally busy one too.

In the evening I've been burning the mid night oil working on a number of projects including Team GB plans. Getting the EO schedule over the line was a big milestone I wanted to achieve before Xmas so that has given me some space to focus on the next couple of areas: my support team and the 2014 qualification process which seems ages away. However I need to start the process in 2013.

On Monday I was in Glasgow - a city that is growing on me. I thought it was quiet considering it's that time of year when everyone is starting their Christmas shopping. I guess it reflects the current financial situation. I know a couple of people who have taken pay cuts this year or found themselves out of work completely and that's hard at this time of year especially.

Even in the business I work in we're having to 'draw our belts in' which makes us think about how we use our resources and how much things cost - which is no bad thing. Surprisingly we still manage to find better ways of working, savings to be made and improvements to be gained. So maybe a slimmer waist line will be more healthier in the long term.

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