Monday, 12 November 2012

A Flexible Friend

Life has been busy since getting the Team Managers position. I've had a couple of meetings at the Kennel Club discussing plans, getting to meet the people I'll be working with and understanding how the KC works. Like many large organisations there are protocols and committees to work with so I'm learning the ropes.

The main group I'll be working with is the International Working Party. Their role is to support, guide and advise me. They were all interested in my plans, which got their approval - so that was a relief, or else it would be back to the drawing board.

So now I'm putting the fine detail behind those plans - the work has begun.

Qualifying for international teams is going to be a bit different next year due to no qualifying period in 2012 and the World Championships in South Africa. 

Qualifying or selection days have always been a tricky one to pitch correctly. In my research I discover lots of different methods used by other countries and sports - I honestly believe there are pros and cons in whatever method used.

For 2013 I'm going to be holding a Performance Weekend at Lincoln show [19, 20 & 21 April], yes three days of performance work consisting of sequences, an agility competition, a jumping competition, a seminar and a team event - that's the plan anyway. 

The schedule will be issued in December - essential christmas reading!

On a lighter note, the fitness training is going well, I really enjoy it and although last week was hard after recovering from a cold I'm feeling the benefit already. 

I'm doing a lot of work on core stability which increases overall strength and flexibility - one day I may even have the flexibility of these girls on the video - Click on the link below and stick with the 45 - 50 seconds of singing, what follows is amazing..

Incredible Flexibility


Anonymous said...

Amazing video, is that your goal with your training?! ;)

Mark Laker said...

Yes, nearly there now....I wish........or do I?