Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Relaxing Times

After an emotional couple of weeks I needed a weekend off to relax and chill out. Karen had the great idea that we could go to Studland with the dogs for the day and what a lovely day we picked too.

The dogs had a great time, they love the sea and enjoyed the walk. We were out for over four hours by which time we were all pleased to get back to the van, especially young Rhyme who was beginning to drag his heels. 

In the distance we could see some storms going around, luckily they missed us, although we saw very clear rainbows, Karen even managed to catch one!
As you may have heard I've been appointed as the KC International Team Manager for GB Agility. I'm very pleased with this appointment which has been quite a long process to go through. Back in June I applied
for the role submitting my CV, focusing mainly on agility, and a covering letter. Since then I've had two interviews and given a presentation.

I looked at this year's FCI world championships through a different lens this time. Thinking about what I may be taking on 2013. I have my own ideas and I believe I have a lot to bring to the role, particularly on the coaching side. Over the next few months I'll be getting into the role, understanding the Kennel Club workings and putting plans together for the next three years. One of the first challenges is next years world championships to be held in South Africa. There are a lot of rumours and mutterings about this so I'll need to understand the full story.

And then there's the 2013 European Open selection process. Plenty to think about.

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Pup said...

I love Studland, always a lovely walk. Great news about the team manager role - I have no doubt you will be a hugely successful manager :)