Monday, 22 October 2012

No Time to Stand Still

I had another one of my early starts this morning to catch a flight. I don't mind too much when everything goes to plan. This morning however I rushed to Southampton airport, battled through massive queues (only one security scanner open) only to find the flight was delayed. Never mind, I had time for a coffee.

I've an interesting week ahead. Glasgow today, Leeds tomorrow, Thatcham Wednesday, Oxford Thursday and back to Thatcham Friday. Then we're off for our annual pilgrimage to Herefordshire to drink cider, play croquet, walk the dogs over the hills and relax with a very dear friend for the weekend.

It'll be a good chance to clear the head ready for some more 'Team Manager thinking'. My plans are progressing, I have a meeting with the Kennel Club next month where I'll put my proposals forward for selection, squad and team plans. Lots to consider.

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