Monday, 8 October 2012

FCI 2012 thoughts

At the last day of this years FCI World Championships we witness some the best agility I have ever seen.

In every height the dogs in contention for winning produced absolutely amazing runs. The pressure these handlers were under to produce clear runs faster than the one before was incredibly.

Of course there were many many fantastic runs, you don't get to this level by being just good. The five that stick in my mind were:

1. Elena & Tekna. (Russia) Overall small dog winner. An incredibly fast dog with the ability to accelerate so quickly, even around corners.

2. Natasha & Dizzy (GB). Gold in the jumping, Bronze in agility, overall medium world champion for the 3rd time. No medium dog & handler has ever achieved this. True world class elite dog and handler.

3. Daisy Peel & Sola (USA). Daisy ran the large agility course almost perfectly. She went into the overall lead with a run that I thought would be tough to beat.

4. Sylvia Trkman & La (Slovenia). We had already seen Sylvia do amazing runs with her medium dogs. The speed of her large dog was awesome. Super quick running contacts and near perfect lines everywhere on a tough course.

5. Lisa Frick & Hoss (Austria). Lisa was last to run in the large agility. You could hear a pin drop in the arena as she started off. As she got further around the course there were gasps of amazement as we witnessed what must be one of the best agility runs ever. She got to places which I thought impossible. Her contacts were so fast you had to see to believe it. Another all time great combination. World Champions for the third time.

For people who love watching the very best agility this event is a must. The party atmosphere, friendships and international feel make it something I would hate to miss. And like everyone else I come away inspired and motivated to reach these heights with my dogs.

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