Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The race is on

Last weekend we went to Blackdown agility show for the first time. Part of our strategy this year was to focus on competitions that offered classes we really wanted to do well in, rather than go to the usual ones we've been going to every year.

Blackdown was a competition for Karen to practice with young Rhyme and for Devo and Torro to have no pressure competitions, although still take it seriously. It was a lovely weekend. Ryhme had two top 5 places and I had some great practice runs with Devo trying out a few things I've been working on and adding to the list of areas I'll work on this winter - the list is getting longer!

After my less than satisfying performance at the Olympia semi-finals, I decided that my general fitness and ability to sprint was high on the list of areas to work on this winter. So I've enrolled at the local gym and started work. One of the first exercises I was subjected to was seeing where my current fitness levels were. This involved the usual, heart, body mass, weight tests etc.. [all OK, could be better, no surprises there]. Stretch tests - yes how flexible I was [an area to improve upon] and then finally how fast I could do the 100m sprint! The idea was agility isn't about endurance running, it's closer linked to short bursts of hard running and the ability to sprint [another area needing improvement]. A picture is building up.

So this weeks session started at the local running track to do the 100m sprint. No big opening ceremony, no thousands of crowds, Danny Boyle was no where to be seen neither was Usan Bolt. Just me and the instructor armed with the video camera and a stop watch [ to be honest a calendar would have been more appropriate!] .

When I stood on the start line [in classic racing start position] I realised I'd never done a 100m sprint before not even at school. When the flag dropped I shot off, well stumbled actually, that amount of acceleration was difficult to control - LOL. I tore up the track at what felt like a fairly good rate.
100m Sprint Test Sept 2012

I hit the finish line and the crowd roared.... with not really. I felt pleased I actually ran that far without falling over my feet!

The question is how long did I take me..... who can make the closes guess.

I'll help you. Usan Bolt does it in under 10 seconds, I had my mind on doing it in under 20.

Let the guessing begin......

Interesting style!

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