Thursday, 27 September 2012

Rain Stops Play

York City Centre
I had an interesting week planned which if it had gone to plan would have been very varied.

The weather had other ideas. To cut a long story short I left my car in York station on Monday night while I took the train to Edinburgh. However due to the adverse weather and trains being cancelled, I drove a hire car back from Scotland to York, which was actually a nice drive, and drove home today.

It wasn't all driving and jollying about, there were quite a few business meetings along the way to.

After a 200+ mile drive last night, I arrived in York, had something to eat and I thought I'd go for a walk into the city to see what the river Ouse looked like. My word I was shocked. The banks were burst and the river was in town. I felt for those people who were effected. The water was not only very high but also flowing at an incredible rate.

As I drove out of York this morning to my first meeting near Leeds I was greeted by closed roads, flooded roads and lots of people not knowing how to get to their destinations. - Thank goodness for Sat Navs and Sally Traffic!

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