Monday, 24 September 2012

It's all in the Technique

We had a great end to our 2012 competitive agility season at Blackdown in Somerset this weekend. We entered the last two competitions this year (Blackdown and Honiton) to finish the season off at relaxing shows, and they didn't disappoint us. Both were really enjoyable and had some of the most exciting courses I've run this year.

My objectives for these two competitions was to come home with my already bulging agility note book, brimming with more training ideas. Now the work begins making sense of lots of notes from the season and designing our winter training plan.

The weekend was made even more enjoyable as we stayed with a good friend close to the venue.

Keeping on the theme of my fitness, or lack of, we jumped on the Wii Fit saturday night. My word that is a frustrating piece of kit.

Even after dozens of ski jumps using all sorts of techniques, including props, different stances, jumping, pulling faces and cheating I still couldn't get anywhere near Eddie the Eagles distance! However, I did manage to pick up an ear worm from the obstacle course that hasn't shifted yet.... After a lovely meal and a glass of wine it was all good fun.

I have an interesting week of travel and meetings up and down the country, this should give me a chance to recover after all that running and Wii-ing.

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