Sunday, 9 September 2012

Doing a bit of Everything

It has been a bit of a disjointed weekend. I made a short appearance at Gillingham show on Saturday, then had to get home for a house viewing in the afternoon - someone forgot to take the key out of the front door so the agent couldn't get in!

However, this did give me an afternoon to catch up with some project work and gave Karen the chance to Devo in the Champ class - how kind was that!

She did very well, making the final to run in 12th position. We don't normally run each others dogs. I find it hard enough to make time to work one dog properly let alone try to run another and learn timing, speed and all those sorts of things with another dog.

I had planned to stay at home today [sunday], again to catch up with projects and I've had a good day.

In between project work I've done two training sessions with Devo, he wasn't broken after saturday, groomed them all, bit of gardening and finished reading my latest book 'The Winner Effect'.

It's a very interesting book. I wanted to read it because there are a lot of references to sport, however, the author went a lot deeper than that and linked winning to many other parts of life e.g. the different types of power, how parts of our brain process information relating to power, even explaining why oscar winners generally live longer than oscar nominees! try understanding that one.

This is going to be a useful reference book for me in the future.

Finally a big well done to the UpAndOver members who won at Gillingham. I think we had people win G2, 3, 4 classes and Karen made the ticket final with Devo - fantastic.

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