Monday, 13 August 2012

Festival and Party Time

What a great weekend. The Kennel Club Festival, more Olympic medals and the closing ceremony.

The Festival gets better every year. This year they had to move venue on the week of the show due to ground conditions at Kelmarsh [hmmm there's a clue in the name]. The new venue had great facilities, a nice atmosphere, open and airy yet still retained that exciting feel about it and day parking was as close to the rings as the campers. Happy days for everyone.

The British Open wasn't on my list as an event to 'go for' this year, however I decided I would make it a goal of the weekend to reach Sunday's final. The two qualifying courses were set by judges from France and USA. Both were clever, challenging and fast courses. Devo had 5 faults in the agility, careless handler error and a 7th place in the jumping. Good enough to get to the final and run in 22nd place out of 30.

With that running order tactics had to come into play and thankfully they paid off. We finished 4th qualifying for Crufts 2013.

Here's a video clip of the final - thanks Karen.

We arrived home at 9pm Sunday night and watched the end of the closing ceremony, what a fantastic sight it was too. I've been so inspired by the events, athletes, the class and total dedication of the Olympics and ironically watched more TV in the last two weeks than I've ever done. What now.

I'm on leave this week and we're off to the Border Collie Classic in Germany for the weekend. I'm really looking forward to the competition, catching up with friends, different courses and travelling through Europe. 


Pup said...

Can't watch the video Mark - it is set as Private :(

Brilliantly well done on qualifying though x

Mark Laker said...

Thanks for letting me know, I've changed it now. Hope it works for you. :)

Pup said...

Video was worth waiting for - nice run!