Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Border Collie Classic - Day 2

Today was even hotter - we were warned. Most of the day parkers put their vehicles in the forest where it was a bit cooler (38 degrees at 3pm!) which was much better for them.

We had some really good courses again (don't worry I've drawn them all out for those of you who train with me), I managed two clears. Unfortunately this wasn't enough to qualify me for the final. Devo was brilliant he worked so hard on these courses and I was much 'sharper' than yesterday.

Karen had some good runs with her two dogs. It was excellent practice for young Rhyme and Torro was in his element. Running flat out, growling and throwing himself at anything in front. A lot of the courses had three or even four tunnels in them, keeping Torro out of these was fun.

We were teamed up with a Croatian for the sunday multi-team four dog final. Although the Croatian didn't turn up for his run so it was team Laker - Rhyme, Devo and Torro. It was good fun although a little scary in front of everyone. Luckily the course was a little easier than some of the others.

The team event was won by four clears from the Italians and the individual final won by Lisa Frick (2x FCI World Champion). Lisa did an amazing run making a very tough course look easy. Incredible handling and a very well drilled partnership.

By 7pm we were done. Time for a walk in the forest to cool down and then back to the hotel for a shower and dinner.

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