Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Arrived in Germany for the Border Collie Classic

We had a great drive over to Germany, it really is easy driving here and with no speed limits on much of the autobahn you can really cover a lot of miles quickly.

It was about 400 miles which sounds a long way, however considering it took about 6 hours driving, including the tunnel and a couple of stops, it was a lot quicker and a similar distance as going to Scotland.

We checked in, visited the venue and went for a walk along the Rhine. It has been a scorching hot day so the dogs appreciated a swim in the river.

The Rhine is one of the longest rivers in Europe, however, when you stand on the side, its huge compared to the Thames for example which I know very well from my canoeing days.

It also has strong currents, so we didnt encourage the dogs to go too far out

The hotel is nice, close to the venue and we can have the dogs in the room which is nice. In fact dogs are welcomed in most places here including resturants.

It would be quite good fun to walk in with our four. Kodi doing all his tricks to get noticed, Rhyme making friends with everyone, Devo laying flat out in the middle of the room pretending not to be watching and geeky Torro, wandering around looking lost! I think we would get kicked out.

The picture doesnt do it justice. It had a great view over the hills.

This area is in the middle of a huge nature reserve surrounded by forest, which is just in the background.

Tomorrow the competition starts.

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