Thursday, 14 June 2012

Thinking about thinking ...

This is turning out to be an interesting week. It was originally going to be a logistical nightmare fitting in two separate trips to Glasgow, Edinburgh and Perth. A trip to Leeds and finishing up in somewhere near Newton Heaths venue near Warrington for the weekend. Thankfully plans changed and it's turned out a bit less hectic.

I've got a couple of exciting projects on the go at the moment, more about that in a future blog. These are keeping me busy and I'm desperately trying to get in at least two training sessions with Devo each week. So far I've managed it - just!

I also found a very interesting book to read this week in Watford Gap services; a very unlikely place to find a good book maybe. It's called 'think your way to success' by Mark Rhodes. The bit that grabbed my attention was the thinking bit - although of course we all want to be successful.

Thinking is something we rarely make time to do. Of course we all think all the time - although I'm not so sure some people really think about the implications of their actions or decisions! However, to actually put time aside to think and plan is something I know I should do more of. I'll let you know what I think (haha) of the book as I get in to it.

I'm thinking about going training tonight...

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