Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Smile, you're on camera!

Hinkley is another of those top competitions I really enjoy. The show is well run, a good atmosphere and great classes. We had the added attraction this year of challenging weather conditions; it rained just about all weekend.

After getting trench foot on Saturday I invested in a pair of waterproof socks (seal skinz). To be honest I didn't know seals wore socks, but they worked on Sunday, lovely warm feet all day.

Devo (Devon Gem Crash Test Dummy) had a couple slip ups in the wet weather. Twice he completely mistimed his take off. Although I'm not completely faultless, there was some handler error involved too. The picture below is from the Champ jumping class. He was fine after being checked over and went on to complete the course. He's a tough nut, and well used to crashing around with Rhyme and Torro on top of him.

Ian Watts took a whole sequence of rapid pictures following this one, its amazing to see our dogs in freeze frame like this.

The judge (Jackie Gardner) looks on astonished


Pup said...

That's one of those photos that makes you go oooohhhhhhh ouch. I love the freeze frame shots of our dogs jumping - it really makes you appreciate how they use their bodies even when things don't go wrong!

Mark Laker said...

You're right, quite a few people watching Didi's crash said ouch too