Thursday, 21 June 2012

Simply the Best

Newton Heath turned out to be a great weekend, and I know Devo won the reserve CC so "I would say that wouldn't I" .... really despite torrential rain saturday night and sunday morning it was a great weekend.

I try to look further, or some may say deeper, than just the weather. I like to consider the venue, the courses, quality of judging, interactions with other people etc... the whole event, not just the getting in the competition ring. And on those grounds it was a good weekend. A huge well done and thank you to Newton Heath club members who worked so hard for everyones benefit.

Devo and I worked well together too. The partnership, which I've been focusing on since FCI try-outs, is coming on nicely, we understand each other better, I've isolated the training areas we need to work on and with Karen's help put some new drills in place. Apart from putting the work in at home and at club, I've also been working on my pre-run routines.

Those of you who have attended my seminars will know I believe this to be key to having successful runs time after time. A successful practiced routine that gets you and your dog in the 'zone' will help you perform at your best - fact!

Think about any professional sports person they all have a routine they perform before they go on stage.

So anyone who used to follow wrestling, or maybe still does, I look forward to seeing you walk out of the car park, down the queue with 'simply the best' playing from your entourages Geto blaster, a fanfare of people clapping while you vault over the ring rope, on to the start line doing high fives with your dog - now that would be a cool routine to watch.....

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Pup said...

Is that a challenge? :) Well done on the reserve CC - well deserved