Thursday, 24 May 2012

Recovery Mode

I've just read my last blog entry. I can see by the spelling errors and typos that it was written late at night when I was tired.

The standard of agility at this year's WAO was generally very high. There were a number of FCI Champions there who gave a brilliant display of agility over the three days.

The event was very exciting and colourful, I love the atmosphere created by the gathering of teams from around the world in one place displaying their colours, flags and cultures.

It's taken two days to fully recover and catch up with sleep. Fortunately (or by good planning) I'm not travelling this week so I can ease my way back into routine.

I'm also focusing on my own training with Devo this week. We have our first Championship class at Nottingham at the weekend and then the Team GB try-outs for FCI on Monday, I need to be fighting fit for that.

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