Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Success after Success

I've been in Dublin for the last few days, a first for me. It was very strange driving away from the airport. For a start the weather in Southampton was disgusting when we left, here in Dublin it's beautiful. Then there is the road system. It reminds me very much of driving in Europe, big wide open roads,overhead gantries, clean and new. I'm told it's a lovely city, although I've spent most of the time in meetings. It certainly has a nice feeling about the place. Talking about nice feelings, we had a great weekend at Wallingford show. The UpAndOver crew did us proud, I won't even attempt to recall all the top 5 places they won, including at least three 1st places. All that hard work and commitment has certainly paid off. Fantastic results everyone, I'm very proud of you all. It's one of the biggest sources of satisfaction I get watching people we've trained and support have successes like this and the season is still young.

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