Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Questions, questions, questions

This is a strange week. I'm in Scotland, Karen's at a Christine Zink seminar in the Midlands, two of the dogs are staying with a friend and the others with Karen; The Lakers are spread all over the country. So, after the weekends excitement at Scunthorpe I re-visited this years goals and decided I need to up my game if I'm serious about achieving them. With that well known saying in my mind... "if you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got" I've been reflecting on what I need to do differently this season to 'up' my game. Don't get me wrong I'm very, very happy with the results, fun, performance and achievements I've had with my previous dogs. This is about me reaching MY full potential with the my current dog. My expectation is to get my dogs to G7 by doing all the training, handling etc...I've always done. However, I now want to exceed this! Kodi and I exceeded my expectations on many occasions, and still does. However, Kodi's successes mean my expectations with Devo are even greater. So I'm asking myself the following questions: - what do I need to do to achieve these higher expectations - what's stopping me from achieving these higher expectations - what do I need to do differently - what do I need to stop doing - what do I need to do more of I also need to add a few spoonfuls of realism in to the mix. An important ingredient of good goal setting which I often forget. Setting a goal that is too tough can demotivated by be perceived as unachievable. I'm pleased I've got a few weeks to think about this before my first proper G7 class.

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