Wednesday, 28 March 2012

From Cavern to Sunshine

I'm back in sunny Scotland this week - yes it really is sunny here, in fact warmer than England - bizarre.

We had a fantastic weekend in Cornwall and Devon. It was one of those weekends that I really looked forward to and it lived up to my expectations. You know how sometimes plans don't always materialise in the way you hope, these did!

We were in Cornwall to watch Rick Wakeman in concert at Carnglaze Caverns on Saturday. It was a fantastic evening. My regular readers will know I'm in to my music which is very wide ranging. I really appreciate talented artists and Rick is certainly one of them. To hear him perform in an underground cavern added to the atmosphere. 

On Sunday we did one of our regular gigs at Devon Dogs. This time the training was all pitched at final pre-season preparations. It was a glorious day, made even better by working with enthusiastic handlers.

So after getting to bed well after midnight Saturday, then losing an hour, followed by a day on my feet training, then a 05:00 start to catch the 'red eye' on Monday morning.... I'm full of energy! It must be the Scottish air. 

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