Monday, 19 March 2012

Agility Euphemisms

We were having a joke at the weekend about what people say and what they really mean. Of course we all recognise this from estate agents and solicitors, apologies to any reading this blog. For example "in need of some modernisation" actually means "the house is falling to pieces".

We came up with a few we've heard dog training over the years and then made a few up.

"he's got sticky contacts" = I've over rewarded the contacts and he doesn't want to get off them now
"he's contact evasive" = hasn't got a clue what to do on contacts
"I think the scrimer was easily distracted" = he was bored!
"he's well built isn't he" = overweight (could be handler or dog)
"my trainer is so patient" = It's obvious he is totally fed up and frustrated
"if only...." = damm I should have trained harder

 Do you have any more examples?

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