Thursday, 9 February 2012

Nice work if you can get it

After my trip to Wales yesterday I had a day working from home today to catch up with office 'stuff'. Funny how when you say that to people they immediately think you're on a jolly. 

It's actually quite tough in many ways. Firstly you don't have to pack up at finishing time to drive home, so I end up not finishing. Then, there are no where near as many disturbances so I get stuck into something and lose all track of time and on it goes. Don't get me wrong there are advantages too, nice coffee on tap, warm, nice work environment etc... 

Of course working from home doesn't suit everyone or every job. I wouldn't advise it if you're a fireman for example!

So, I've just finished for the day. OK I did stop for dinner and I'm looking forward to a day off tomorrow. We were planning to do our favourite dog walk on Studland (see pic below). However the weather forecast doesn't look brilliant so we may opt for plan B. 

Not sure what plan B is yet though...

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