Monday, 13 February 2012

More Good Reads

My regular followers may notice that I've changed my blog layout a little. The counter gadget was a bit of fun until I needed to upgrade and then pay for it, I don't pay for things I can get for free! 

A few people have asked about what books I read, so I thought I'd post a list of my favourites. Well they're not strictly favourites, just ones I've enjoyed and I thought anyone interested in sport, personal development and useful / amusing life topics would too.

I received a magazine this morning advertising latest books and articles associated with coaching and personal development etc. It makes me smile when I see some of the book titles. By their very nature some are a bit 'heavy' and academic for the everyday reader (me). However, I thought for a bit of fun I'd post up a few titles to see if you could work out what topic they could possibly referring to, my comments in brackets.

  • 'Improve your eyesight' - (Should have gone to Specsavers?)
  • 'Laughology' - (LOL)
  • 'Why do I keep doing this!!' - (honestly this is the title)
  • 'Butterflies & Sweaty Palms' - (Visualise yourself on the start line)
and my favourite...

  • 'Mind over platter' - I love this title

Good reading

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