Sunday, 12 February 2012

A Memorable Weekend

I've had a busy weekend. The birthday / anniversary celebrations continued with a family meal on Friday at the Silk of the Downs, a very nice restaurant near Marlborough. Excellent food if you're in the area.

On Saturday we went to our favourite Chinese restaurant with great friends. We had a lovely meal and then they did the happy birthday song, first in English then the Chinese version (which I think sounds like they're singing about Chimy Changos). The waiter brought out the most amazing cake which my lovely friends Sandrine, Graham and Gabby had arranged, it was fantastic. The waiters said it was the best cake they had ever seen. A very memorable evening.

The birthday celebrations over now, I've had a great week, fantastic gifts ranging from my most favourite food - salad, [yes I love salad] drink, cakes, chocolate [lots of it] sweets, through to interesting books, useful gifts and an unique experience day with my mate Tim; extreme cycling on Salisbury plain which I'll need to burn all the calerories off.

We had our bi-annual match with Wallingford on Saturday, this time at their venue near Didcot. As usual it was cold, very cold. -7 when we arrived in fact. It warmed up to a sweltering 0 degrees for most of the day. Wallingford provided lovely hot food and drinks all day which kept us going.

Sadly we lost, again. despite winning lots of classes, overall best dogs in each category and doing what I thought was OK. Never mind, someone said it's all about the taking part .....

Birthday cake - can you spot my two boys...

Fantastic birthday cake with an agility theme

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