Thursday, 23 February 2012

Getting the right training

We had a lot of fun at training Tuesday night. Kodi was right on one. I'm not sure what's got into him recently he's full of mischief . We've been doing a bit of extra fitness work with them, in fact Kodi and Torro are part of a study  Karens conducting for her thesis, which is producing interesting results. Kodis been swimming, regular agility at club and watching his diet as well as the usual exercise our dogs have. So maybe the combined effort is having an effect on his fitness and energy levels. Devo is hard work at club. I may have written before that club environment does suit all dogs, although considering what I now know about how we humans interpret different situations, maybe club environment doesn't suit all humans! Anyway Devo has his step to wait on in between runs and it works for both of us. He can get excited about watching the other dogs, I can train the group, the group can hear what I'm saying, everyone is happy. While waiting for my flight to Glasgow yesterday I read an interesting 'tweat' from a sports coach quoting Jack Nicklaus .  " I focus on training with the same amount of effort as I do in competition".  I reflected on this and thought 'I try to do that too'. However, I consider myself to be more relaxed in training.  With a full on dog like Devo am I really relaxed? Probably not. I'm in that learning zone, looking to get it right at the same time looking for improvements. The more I do this sport, read, learn and talk to others, the more I realise how crucial it is to get it right in training and to get the right training.. That could become a wee line to remember.


Pup said...

Kodi was having a lot of fun!

I'd forgotten Devo's step... thats something I should consider using for Pip to prevent him getting so excited when the other dogs have their turn.

Dani said...

Its very interesting how we change, even if we try not to when we train compared to when we compete. Its something Fern & I are working on and trying to get the balance, but we shall see come our first comp next month :-) xx

Mark Laker said...

Pup - You need excitement, that's brings speed and motivation

Dani - Getting the balance right it hard, worth the effort though